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A List of Books and Broadsides by Christopher Manson

Chris Manson is most famous for the book “Maze” that involved a contest and puzzle. No one was able to solve the puzzle presented in the book. Chris both wrote and illustrated the book.

Here is a list of the books he has illustrated and written:

Maze: Solve the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle (1985) It is still available from Amazon HERE.

The Rails / Tote: Forty-Five Illustrated Spoonerisms to Decipher (1987)

The Practical Alchemist: Showing The Way An Ordinary House-Cat May Be Transformed Into True Gold (1988)

A Gift For the King: A Persian Tale (1989)

Two Travelers (1990)

The Crab Prince: An Entertainment For Children (1991)

The Marvelous Blue Mouse (1992)

In addition Chris illustrated the following books:

The Norman Table: The Traditional Cooking of Normany (1985)

A Farmyard Song (1992)

The Tree in the Wood: An Old Nursery Song (1993)

Here is a list of the letterpress broadsides that he printed:

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